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Nether Hub Redesign April 2016 Plan

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Trimming all the unnecessary gumph because we're nearly done!
Starting out with a rough outline...
Link for reference: [[Radical Nether Hub Redesign Proposal April 2016‎]]
:--'''[[User:Cassolotl|<span style="color:#008000">Cassolotl</span>]]''', Admin ''<small>([[User_Talk:Cassolotl|talk]]) <span style="color:#808080">pronouns: they/them</span></small>'' 13:07, 12 April 2016 (UTC)
==General notes== When working on this project feel free to raid the box(es) marked "Nether Hub donations" and "Nether Hub only, do not takeWe're basically mostly done!" in the old nether hub.
==The Plot==
Move things to the "done" section at the end as they are completed.
Add netherrack to the South Road ceiling so that the tunnel is 3.5 blocks high again.
===Cosmetic stuff in the new nether hub roomNavigation===
Make a final decision on the colours we'll use for the archways. The current colours are not final and may be subject to change. We were undecided Each archway in the group about which colours we should use, and so here I am using the colours that are in the mock-up. ===Getting the tunnels started=== [[File:Newhub diagonal tunnels.png|300px|thumb|right|A picture showing the size of the diagonal tunnels]][[File:Cassolotl's Proposed Nether Network Redesign April 2016.jpg|300px|thumb|right|The new network layoutHub]] Anyone who likes has a lot chest containing wool blocks of digging can dig and/or pave these tunnelsthe relevant colour.* Paving is buildersIf you' and residents' choice.* Lengths of road we need are:** North: 200 blocksre heading that way, ie: to x=0, z=-200. '''Done!'''** South: 900 take a few blocksof wool, ie: to x=0, z=900. '''Done!'''** East: 200 blocksplus signs and torches, ie: to x=200, z=0continue the navigation pattern. '''Done!'''** West: 500 blocks, ie: This ensures that anyone who finds themself on the main roads will be able to x=-500, z=0. '''Done!'''** North-east: find their way back to x=200, z=-200. '''Done the Hub easily without having to x=60, z=-60'''** South-east: to x=300, z=300.** South-west: to x=-400, z=400.** North-west: to x=-250, z=-250use the debug screen.
===Connecting up everyone's portals===
# When you head back through to the Nether, you might end up at your old portal in the old nether network at y=13.5. It's safe to dismantle your old portal now.
## If you end up at an unexpected or unfamiliar portal, make a note of your x y z co-ordinates and any signs and landmarks in the area, and then ask for help in the Telegram Chatter group or on this page's talk page.
==Portals moved==
* Awan's base portal (south/blue)
* Northville/Cassolotl's village (north/red)
* fallerOfFalls' marketplace (north-east/orange)
* Cassolotl's Sea Fortress (south/blue)
* Setavulos' marsh portal (south/blue)
==Done things==
Cut and paste tasks over to this section when they're done, and feel free to sign with four tildes if you want.
===Done things!===
Dig down from a point near x=0, z=0 in the current Nether Hub, down to y=8. (It should only be 5 blocks down.)
:-- Jazzable and Cassolotl
Dig to Zero Zero. Mark the spot 0, 0 and dig a room 20 blocks in all directions centred on 0, 0 - so 40 x 40 total. Make it 4 blocks high. (The final room will be taller, but if we dig that high now we'll lose the floor of the old hub!)
:-- Jazzable and Cassolotl
Pave the entire 40 x 40 room with smooth stone slabs.
:-- Cassolotl
Get some crafting tables and ovens up in here for convenience somehow.
After all eight tunnels have been marked out, use wool to mark each archway as in the mock-up. The top two corners of each archway are sea lanterns. There's some wool in the box in the middle of the old hub.
* North: red
* North-east: orange
* East: yellow
* South-east: green
* South: blue
* South-west: dark blue
* West: purple
* North-west: grey
Once the archways are in place, replace as much of the walls as possible with quartz blocks, floor to ceiling. Take quartz from the old nether hub walls, and when you run out, start using snow and/or white wool blocks.
Dig out 10 blocks or so of each of the 8 paths and label them with direction signs.
* North, South, East and West are centred on the relevant 0 co-ordinate, and each are 4 blocks wide.
* For the diagonal roads, copy the mock-up design (picture to the right).
Replace the wool frame of the Zero Zero nether portal using 10 obsidian blocks. '''Done!'''
Replace the wool frame of the Spawn Island portal using 10 obsidian blocks. '''Done!'''
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