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Community allotments

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[[File:2016-01-05 Community Allotments.png|200px300px|thumb|right|The Community Allotments on the [ Dynmap] in February May 2016. The sandstone building on the left is the nether portal linking to the [[Nether Network]].]]
The '''community allotments''' are an admin-run community project that invites players to express themselves freely in a 9x9 space in close proximity to other players.
It was deliberately created in the intersection of three biomes so that players can choose their favourite environment.
==How to get there==
[[File:2016-01-Allotments.png|200px|thumb|right|The Community Allotments on the [ Dynmap] in February 2016, when the stable was still there.]]The Allotments idea started out at [[Zero Zero#History|old Zero Zero]], but in late 2015 it was realised that Zero Zero was not a good place for community projects. The last of the allotments at Zero Zero was removed in February 2016.
In March 2016 the stable next to the allotments was removed as the result of a server-wide [[Voting room|vote]]. It was built by Ladygeek26, who had recently been banned.
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