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Jobs for teleports

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Job 1: Adding jobs 2 and 3
* In advance of doing the job, you must tell Cassian that you're about to do it, to prevent two people trying to do it at once and causing a conflict over a teleport block!
==Job 1: Spawn Railway improvements==
* '''Location:''' Spawn Island to Subzero underwater railway
** Replace all the non-glass wall and ceiling blocks with prismarine bricks, being careful to replace redstone torches as they were before the job.
** Add regular sea lanterns for lighting, taking down all non-redstone torches as you go.
* '''The pay:''' 2x teleport blocks
==Job 2: Nether Network main roads==
* '''Location:''' Nether Network, starting at zero zero
* '''The job:'''
** Dig the green (south-east) tunnel out to x 100 / z 100.
** Pave the floor entirely in stone slabs to prevent mobs from spawning.
** Add regular lazy lighting.
* '''The pay:''' 2x teleport blocks
==Job 3: Standing offer for Nether Network navigation and lighting==
* '''Location:''' Nether Network
* '''The job:'''
** Use up 64 blocks of coloured wool in the Nether Network.
** Blocks should be every ten blocks (so 9 blocks ''between'' each block of wool), and 1.5 blocks from floor level.
** Each wool block should look like the image to the right, with a torch placed on its top surface, and a sign placed on the front following this exact formula:
<code>Direction as written on wool pillar in hub</code><br>
<code>[empty line]</code><br>
<code><<< Hub <<<</code> or <code>>>> Hub >>></code> depending on the direction to the hub/zero zero.
* '''The pay:''' 2x teleport blocks

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