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An account is required to edit pages. This is to prevent spam, and to ensure that only whitelisted players on This Land are able to make edits. All accounts must be approved by the admin, Cassolotl.

Complete and submit the following form to request a user account.

Make sure that you first read the Terms of Service before requesting an account.

Once the account is approved, you will be emailed a notification message and the account will be usable at login.

If after 48 hours you still haven't received any emails at all from the wiki, please whitelist with your email provider and put your email address into the "forgotten password" form. (I'm looking at you, Outlook.) If that doesn't work, please contact Cassolotl.

User account

A confirmation message will be sent to your email address once you submit this request. Please respond by clicking on the confirmation link provided by the email.

Cassian approves all new accounts manually, so you will have to wait for a little while. If it takes longer than 48 hours, please contact Cassian.

You will receive a password after Cassian has approved the creation of your account.

Other information

You can leave this blank if you're using the same username and email address here as you use for This Land.

If you're requesting an account with a different username, just briefly make your identity clear to me so that I know who you are. For example: "This is actually [IGN], you just whitelisted me yesterday!"

Additional notes: