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As you may have noticed, the Teleport Hub in Subzero was a super cute idea but now that more people are buying teleports it's getting a little unwieldy.

It is time for a redesign.

A lot of people have a lot of feelings and opinions about this, and there is some conflict over which ideas are good and which are bad, so I'm announcing a build contest and I'm gonna lay down some rules.

  • STATUS: NOT YET STARTED. Please see or start discussion in the Telegram group.
  • The deadline is February 28th 2017.
  • The vote starts on March 1st 2017 and lasts for one week, ending March 8th 2017.

The Rules

  1. Build in the Creative World or the Survival World as your heart desires, but be sure to include co-ordinates AND world name in your submission.
  2. Materials used must be renewable.
  3. You must demonstrate that the arrangement is scaleable and expandable to theoretically contain 100 teleports.
  4. No part of it should require maintenance by the admin or mods. This includes making subdivisions in admin claims using griefprevention, updating information boards, etc.
  5. It should contain a noticeboard.

Noticeboard contents

  • You can donate £2 to the server to contribute to running costs, and that will get you one teleport block. A two-way teleport link is therefore £4. If you want one, talk to Cassolotl.
  • You should claim your teleport plot using the wooden shovel with the griefprevention plugin. This means you can personalise your plot without anyone else being able to alter it. You could stand in your claim and type /accesstrust all to make sure anyone can use buttons in your teleport plot. Remember that if you don't log in for 6 months your griefprevention claim will expire.
  • Players may claim teleports that were once owned by banned players. Players may abandon teleport blocks for use by other players, who may claim the plot. Abandoned teleports and their plots should be marked with a sign saying "ABANDONED", with a brief description of the destination.

Please try to remember:

  • The teleport hub is first and foremost functional. It should not be overly decorative or require a lot of processing (personal or computatorial!).
    • Having said that, we currently have a single user-chosen decorative block for easy teleport identification, and this system is mirrored by the post office. That level of personalisation is fine and actively helpful.
  • Players who are entirely new to the server, and even entirely new to Minecraft, will be walking into the teleport hub for the first time. Make sure they know what it is and what to do as soon as they arrive, without having to ask for help.

Please include in your mock-up:

The following example teleports (names made up):

  • To Jennifer's personal base, which includes an iron farm
  • To a community farm built by a player for everyone to use freely
  • To a train station with trains to many locations
  • To a personal base with little to no interest for players other than the base's owner
  • To a location purely for resource collection, eg: mesa biome quarry
  • To a game-generated feature that is open to any visitors (eg: converted woodland mansion, unoccupied)
  • To a personal base that has since been abandoned and is open to anyone to claim and occupy
  • To a community project owned by Simon, a banned player
  • To a secondary teleport hub organised by a player for anyone to use and add teleports to

Cassolotl will veto:

  • Anything they and/or the mods feel is too confusing to navigate or not intuitive to brand new players on the server.
  • Anything they and/or the mods feel is too sensorily overwhelming. That could mean too many different colours, inconsistent lighting, unnecessary animations, etc.

The results

  • The player who wins will be invited to build their design in the Survival World, with help from other volunteers if they would like it, within 2 weeks of winning.
  • The winning player may choose a location for the teleport hub, at least 1,000 blocks from Zero Zero.