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Teleport blocks are one of very few non-survival aspects of the server. They are a way to support the server financially, while benefitting in-game.

0 x and z becomes 0.5. Cassolotl does it in creative mode using command blocks. One teleport is £2, so if you want it to go two-way you have to buy two teleport blocks, ie: £4.

Teleport blocks cannot be changed after they've been there a week. They become a permanent landscape feature, like the wormhole thingies in the End.

To meet the requirements of the End User License Agreement, buyers of teleport blocks are not allowed to be the only people who benefit. All players must have equal access to all teleport blocks.

Go here to buy a teleport block:

There are places where teleport blocks collect, for easy transport - like the teleport hub in subzero.

Teleport blocks cannot teleport between worlds, eg: topside to nether.

More types of command blocks may become available in time.

The server costs Cassian £5 per month to run, and they get as many teleports as they want because they are Deity. Buying teleport blocks contributes to the costs of the server, and enhance playing experience for everyone, meaning more players and more donations, and that means we can upgrade the server sometimes or maybe one day move to a better host.

You must have been to the places you want to teleport to and from. prove this by placing a sign.

When you've bought your teleport blocks, cassian will arrange a nice time for both of you to log in and place the teleport blocks, test them out, and make sure you land exactly where you want to. it's important that you're happy with it because once it's there it can't be moved or adjusted.

Set the Y height to one block higher than where you end up standing, because there's a weird glitch that means you get stuck in the floor, boooo.

No teleport blocks in griefprevention admin claims.

If you use a teleport block to intentionally harm another player, you're breaking the rules. you may be banned.