Teleport hub contest submissions

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This page intends to summarise the teleport hub contest entries so that it's easy to visit submissions in the Creative World and vote for your favourite(s).

Submission 1: Edward

alt text
  • Player: User:Edward, aka IGN Nardella
  • Location: Creative world: x = 421, z = -77 (Dynmap link)
  • Pros:
    • Spacious
  • Cons:
    • Meta teleports, which count as admin maintenance (or require a player to pay extra).
    • Not actually clear what the meta teleports do
  • Notes: note the stained glass ceiling matches the stained clay. the first room is the admin and information room. teleports are added sequentially for freyr.
  • Pictures: imgur album

Submission 2: Cassian

alt text

Submission 3: Bo

alt text

Submission 4: Freyr

alt text

Submission 5: Jay

alt text