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Cassolotl is the server admin, and the admin of this wiki.

Personal deets

  • Real name: Cassian
  • Pronouns: they/them/their/theirs/themself
  • Age: 29
  • Blood Type: O IDFK
  • Gender: Nonbinary; agender
  • Brainthings: Autism, OCD

Other online things


fallerOfFalls has kindly offered to write me a bio. :)

Cassolotl as an admin is whimsical but fair and well loved. As a player they nolonger let go of the keyboard and cover their face whenever they see a creeper, and this has increased their survivablity considerably. Notable builds to their name include the underground area under the Spawn Island, Cassoltol's Village, Cassolotl's Sea Fortress, The Nether Hub