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The automated market as seen from the lower (buying) level.
The automated market is an enormous and ever-growing marketplace made by fallerOfFalls (with significant assistance from Kachek47), notable for being made entirely in vanilla survival mode using redstone circuitry and components.

How it works

The currency is redstone, in the form of both dust and blocks. fallerOfFalls calculates each item's relative value according to how long it takes to obtain, whether it is renewable, whether it can be used up, etc.

The market has two levels. On the lower level, commodity items such as diamonds, gold and pufferfish are accepted by the machines in exchange for an amount of redstone. On the upper level, redstone is accepted and counted by the machines and commodity items are given out. Each machine comes in a pair - so the diamond machine buys diamonds on the lower level, and then sells them in the diamond-selling machine directly above. When you pay for diamonds with redstone, the redstone goes into the machine below, and is used to buy more diamonds from other players who want to sell them. Thus the machines never need to be manually restocked by fallerOfFalls.

Each machine has an ender chest for easy access to materials and currency. Each machine has a redstone torch that indicates when lit that the machine is "sold out". Materials or currency are placed into the central chest, and the machine takes the contents and replaces it with the correct amount of whatever you're trading for.

The machines are designed to be 'safe'. e.g. they will stop accepting new payments before running out of stock, so you'll never lose anything. And you may put as much payment in a machine as you like, and the machine will patiently count it and give you what you are owed. However, there is no "return coin" button, so if you put an incomplete payment in one of the top machines, it will just wait for the rest of the payment and you won't get your redstones's worth unless you complete the transaction. For example: If you put 40 redstone blocks in, it will take 32 and give you a diamond, and then it will take the 8 and wait (forever) for the other 24 redstone blocks.

When someone is using one of the lower machines, there is usually some (FPS) lag.

There is a beacon that gives visitors Speed II (there's also a second, temporary beacon that gives either Jump Boost II or Haste II, depending on what kind of building work is going on).


All prices in redstone 'dust' or redstone 'blocks'.

Thing Receive Pay
Blaze rod 2 block 3 block
Coal block 7 block 8 block
Diamond 32 block 32 block
Emerald 8 block 9 block
Gold ingots 6 block 7 block
Iron ingots 2 block 3 block
Nether quartz 2 block 3 block
Obsidian 2 block 3 block
Pufferfish 10 block 11 block
Steak 4 dust 5 dust

How to get there

For on-foot navigation, here's the automated market on Dynmap. From Spawn Island and Zero Zero you can travel over the Big Silly Bridge to Northville and then head east along the stone brick path.

The market is linked to the Nether Hub via the orange archway. It is also linked to the Teleport Hub indirectly, by teleporting to fallerOfFalls' base, and then using their base's teleport to the market.

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