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When you first log in on the Spawn Island, the first thing you should do is press the button taking you to the tutorial building. This page has some recommendations for where to go next.

If you want to find a place of your own to build a base


  • Get in a boat, and sail away in any direction till you hit land.
  • Go north along the Big Silly Bridge and find a place near Northville (several other players have builds in this area too).
  • Use the Dynmap to find a place you like the look of.

If you want to find central and community builds

There are a few central and community projects you might want to visit:

  • Subzero contains an underwater teleport hub, where you can easily get to player's bases and other interesting places. To get to subzero from spawn, use the underwater railway, or take the Big Silly Bridge north and turn left, then drop down at the centre of Zero Zero.
  • The Nether Hub is the central area of the Nether Network. There you can find signposts to most other locations through the Nether Network.
  • The community allotments are where players use a small plot of land to express themselves. You can get to the allotments most easily by a teleport from Subzero.
  • The Post office is a mailbox system where players can give and receive[1] messages and items from other players in-game without needing to be online together. It's accessible by teleport from Subzero.

If you want to find cool stuff that other players have made

Lots of players have made pretty, interesting, and useful builds all over the server. Here are a small selection of suggestions:

  • Northville features a golem farm and villagers to trade with. Accessible through the Nether Network or across the Big Silly Bridge from spawn.
  • fallerOfFalls' Automated Market contains fully automatic vending machines where you can buy and sell many different resources using tokens as currency. Accessible via teleport from Subzero, through the Nether Network or across the Big Silly Bridge and to the North-East.
  • Sea Trees is a very scenic campground with parrots. Accessible through the Nether Network to the South.
  • Kachek47's super secret Brimstone Bar is a stylish drinking spot with an incredible view. Accessible through the Nether Network to the West.
  • setavulos's Swamp Town features many different attractions in a small but bustling town. Check out the wiki page for more information! Accessible via teleport from Subzero or via the Nether Network to the South.

If you want resources without having to do any work

  • Spawn XP Farm for XP and skeleton loot. Find it in the underground area of Spawn Island, by going into the glass house.
  • Jazzable's Everything Farm is a complex of several different AFK farms. Accessible by teleport from Subzero, or through the Nether Network to the far South.
  • Double XP farm uses a zombie spawner and a skeleton spawner that are close enough to both be activating while AFK in the same place! Not as efficient as the Ender Ender but quicker to get to.
  • The Ender Ender is a very efficient XP farm, just turn right when you arrive in the End (to get to the End, use the Endstone teleport block).
  • Iroengine's community farm on the east side of Northville for plants and animals.
  • The Junkyard has all kinds of stuff. It's in Swamp Town, just south of spawn and accessible via the Lapis Lazuli teleport block.
  • AFK Fishing hut in Swamp Town.
  • Vending machine market doesn't produce anything, but worth mentioning because you can obtain many things by selling other items that can be obtained without (much) work.
  • snaomi's Spider Farm has a gate lever to separate the new spiders from the old, and a button to squash the spiders till they are very nearly dead. Then they can be killed easily (ideally with a looting III sword) for string and spider eye. snaomi's base is only accessible by sailing (or flying with elytra) east from spawn or using the old nether network. If you look on dynmap there are a whole bunch of buildings including a lighthouse. If you go into the main house, there's basement, and in the basement there's a shaft down to the zombie farm and spider farm. There are additional instructions on its wiki page.


  1. you need to claim your own mailbox in order to receive mail