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Whimsy blocks are one of very few non-survival aspects of the server. They are a way to support the server financially, while benefitting in-game.

What they are

They're command blocks. People who donate to the server have no say over what they do or where they are. Their approximate location (1 km2) is announced here and on Telegram when they are placed.

How they happen

A whimsy block is placed by Cassolotl when someone makes a £3 donation to the server on this page and asks for a whimsy block.

Cassolotl chooses the location and names the central point. The whimsy block will be somewhere within a 500-block square-radius of those co-ordinates. The co-ordinates are announced on This Land's Telegram news channel and added to this page.

The rules of whimsy blocks

  • They require no digging.
  • They are within a 500-block square-radius of a named central point.

Whimsy blocks on the server

Block 1

  • Co-ordinates of centre of 500-block square-radius:
  • Discovered? y/n (date, name)
  • What does it do?