Zero Zero

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Zero Zero and Subzero in February 2016.

Zero Zero and Subzero are a central transport hub placed in the exact centre of the map, at co-ordinates x - 0, z = 0. They are connected to the Spawn Island via the Big Silly Bridge.

Zero Zero

Zero Zero is a rectangular floating platform in the middle of the ocean. At the exact 0, 0 point is a drop down to Subzero.


Subzero is a glass structure underwater. It connects to the Nether Hub with a nether portal. It also contains the Teleport Hub, and is expanded as people purchase teleport blocks for inclusion in the Teleport Hub.

The Old Allotments

The smaller structures off the path leading to the Big Silly Bridge are allotments from the old Community Allotments that have not yet been dismantled. No new allotment builds are allowed off this path, and old allotments are removed by the players who built them, or by the admin as GriefPrevention claims expire.

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