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Zero Zero in May 2016, with the elytra launch and Subzero and the teleport hub clearly visible underwater.
Zero Zero is a helpful landmark placed in the exact centre of the map, a rectangular floating platform in the middle of the ocean at co-ordinates x = 0, z = 0. At the exact 0, 0 point is a drop down to Subzero and the teleport hub.

How to get there

  • Take the Big Silly Bridge from Spawn Island and take the first left.
  • Arrive via teleport to Subzero and push the button on the nether portal to be teleported up to the surface of Zero Zero.
  • Arrive via the portal from the Nether Hub to Subzero and push the button on the nether portal to be teleported up to the surface of Zero Zero.
  • Arrive at Subzero via the railway from Spawn Island and push the button on the nether portal to be teleported up to the surface of Zero Zero.

Elytra launch

fallerOfFalls gliding away from the elytra launch platform.
In May 2015, a player built a glass-and-wood platform high above Zero Zero and bought a teleport block to teleport players up to that platform. It's intended as a launch for players who wish to glide long distances using elytra.


Zero Zero was started by fallerOfFalls as a tiny artificial island in the early days of the server. The intention was to be a findable place with easily memorable coordinates, with a sign pointing towards the spawn island so that players who got lost could always find their way back. It was also intended to be a central info point, with more structure than Spawn.

Cassolotl and MowLiao joined the project. Soon there were allotments with mailboxes and teleports. Subzero was started and fallerOfFalls built a market with automated vending machines, leading north from the centre, and the path between the allotments was extended to meet the Big Silly Bridge (for easy non-nether, non-boat access to the Spawn Island).

In the late days of old Zero Zero, the market was booming (20+ vending machines), the allotments were many and varied and well used, and there was even a junk yard. But there were some who were dissatisified with how it was run (with fallerOfFalls vaguely in charge), and in the end Cassolotl and fallerOfFalls jointly decided that it would be best for the projects (allotments, marketplace, junk yard, barter board, quest board) connected to Zero Zero to be utterly dismantled, and for Zero Zero itself to be given over to admin control.

The old allotments

See also: the new Community Allotments.
The old community allotments off Zero Zero, in February 2016.

The path leading to the Big Silly Bridge from Zero Zero used to be the community allotments. These were all dismantled by winter 2015/16, and old allotments were removed by the players who built them, or by the admin as GriefPrevention claims expired.

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